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8th March
Topic: RAISING MEN…part 2.
Text: Judges 11:4-7

4: And it came to pass in process of time, that the children of Ammon made war against Israel.
5: And it was so, that when the children of Ammon made war against Israel, the elders of Gilead went to fetch Jephthah out of the land of Tob:
6: And they said unto Jephthah, Come, and be our captain, that we may fight with the children of Ammon.

God delegates authority and responsibility, you see sometimes when you appear blessed than others it is for you to be a blessing to them. Your worth is not determined by the amount of money and value of wealth you’ve got but is measured by the value you have added to lives around you.
Read up the series of teaching titled RAISED TO BLESSED on our website for better understanding. My assignment here is to discuss how to raise others. First of all you must be willing to be a blessing to other people, your family first, and later your society. You must put yourself in a position of a mentor, be accessible, and ready to make impact.
The second point is that you can only raise people in the field you have been raised, for instance; an accountant can only raise an accountant, a doctor can only raise another doctor. If God has blessed you with skills for business, you can raise people in that line, if you have been blessed in ministry, you can raise men in ministry.
A teacher of the word of God can raise other sound teachers, if you’ve got power ministry you can raise men in that line. You can only reproduce after your kind, you can’t produce what you are not made off, but whatever you are as long as it is good you can be a blessing to others.
You gat to make a conscious plan to raise men, impact what you’ve got to others. The character in our text is a good example of what I am sharing here, Jephthah raised ordinary men with him and formed a formidable army.
You see most times we feel we can make name or make money by being connected to wealthy people or great men, in our passage we see Jephthah rule his world with the company of vain men, ordinary men, Amplified version called the worthless men, you can called them area boys.
Jephthah will not allow them to influence him but rather he influenced them, made warriors out of them, then form a squad that no army in his days could conquer. You can also form a squad in business, in ministry, you can form a team of career professionals, you can build a team from worthless people who you can influence. God bless you.
* Lord make me a blessing.
Proverbs 8, John 14.
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