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9th March
Text : Amos 3:3.

3: Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?NLT

If you have been following this series of teaching you will agree with me that it has been a blessing. The focus has been talking well, reasoning well, and taking right decisions. We have gone beyond the kind of communication that separates home, we moved to communication that talks about the well being of a home.
I did say that some couples are not separated, but are not living in harmony, some are living in harmony, but are not doing well in terms of meeting up with responsibilities. Some families have moved backwards in terms of achievement and all these can be traceable to communication between husband and wife.
My focus here is the well being of your family, it is good to know that the your family is staying together, if you live in harmony, that’s great, but you must press further by building a future for your home. Let me try to classify the timing of your family into 3;
1, The past.
2, The present.
3. The future.
THE PAST: If your family is being run by borrowing money, you’re living in the past, how do I mean? Whatever money you get now will be used to settle the expenses you have made in the past, that is living in the past.
THE PRESENT: a family living in the present has no savings, everything gotten is expended now, nothing left for the future, no debt but no savings, no investment whatsoever, all income goes for immediate use. Living like this is not in the interest of the family .
THE FUTURE: if you’ve got something to spend in future, investment, you are ready for the future.
You want to ask; how does communication come in? Just follow me; a man has desires just as his wife, let me put it this way; they both have taste, if their taste is high, you can be sure their expenses will be high. Couples communicating well will focus more on the future, the expenses of today must not affect the future, they will agree not to eat up the future today.
You will notice some families were once doing well, they have used good cars in the past, but now things appear difficult, it is important you understand that money is a stranger, it does not come all the time, if when you have it you didn’t use it well, you might have yourself to blame.
Permit to say this; some families do spend money travelling abroad, not for business but for pleasure, they spend so much buying tickets without tangible investment for the family. These are based on communication since there must always be a discussion that leads to a conclusion to arrive at a decision before an action is taken. You must understand that the way you run the affairs of your family daily determines the future of your family.
Do ask yourself this question; what will my family look like in the next ten, fifteen years? I will make more points in part 5. God bless your family.
* Lord, help us to build a glorious Family.
Proverbs 9, John 15.
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