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  • PREVAILING FAMILY started with 7 teenage boys in the year 2000 on the 19th/20th of July (in an all night of prayer) with the name THE PRAYING YOUTH FELLOWSHIP. Those boys were all from different denominations, which made the fellowship an interdenominational.
  • The pioneers believed that as they pray they would prevail, so they re-branded it as THE PREVAILING YOUTH FELLOWSHIP.
  • Those teenage boys are now married men, therefore the leaders considered it wise to change the name to PREVAILING FAMILY.
  • The ministry which started with 7 teenage boys , has grown with branches currently in different areas of Lagos state, Nigeria such as ILASAMAJA, ITIRE and EJIGBO
  • In the year 2011, the ministry birth a church with the name PRAISE PAVILION INTN’L. The president who will not want to snatch brethren from churches where they are committed , started the church with His wife and their first daughter who was just 2 months old. While the ministry still run as interdenominational.
  • PREVAILING FAMILY through her programs has impacted and build great destinies .

Some of her core programs with which lives are being impacted are:

    One and half hours of Praise, Prayer & Word
    – Every Sunday
    @ PREVAILING FAMILY llasa. 29 Aje street Ilasa, Lagos. Time: 4-5.30 pm.                                                       @ PREVAILING FAMILY Ejigbo, Lagos, HAPPY CHILD COLLEGE. Time: 5.30- 6.30pm
  • – Every Thursday
    @PREVAILING FAMILY Itire, 5 Adebisi street, off Otun-Oba B/stop Itire, Lagos.
    Time: 6:30-8:00pm
    An all night of praise, exhortation, prophetic declaration and prayer. Every last Friday of the month.
    A night of 3 hours intercession. Every second Saturday/Sunday of the month
    A day of seminar, talks, exhortation and prayer for both single and married sisters. Every month of October (on a Saturday)
  • 7 HOURS WITH GOD (Annually)
    7 hours of uninterrupted intercession for people, families, nations e.t.c Every month of July
  • 24 HOURS WITH GOD (Annually)
    24 hours of camping in word, fasting and prayer for impartation of God upon participants. 28-29th of every month of May.
  • 3 DAYS WITH GOD (Annually)
    3 days of camping in word, fasting and prayer in preparation of the participants, our families, our nations and prevailing family for a new year. Every month of December.

For prayer, counselling and enquiries:
Call or what’s app: 2348099000835, 2348035310759
Add us on facebook Prevailing Family-Netwrk
Follow us on twitter @prevailinfamily
Email: prevailingfamily@gmail.com

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