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Prevailing Voice Daily 19th February

19th February
Text: Proverbs 4:7
7: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
You cannot add value to yourself or any other person beyond what you know, it is what you know that you impact on others. Your understanding about life goes a long way to determine your way of life, worth in life, and the value you add to lives around you.
Let me say, God has perfected His works from the beginning of the world, the new world discoveries has always been from creation, they came to lime light when men search them out. Understanding comes when you search, study, make research, as innovations of great things come to our world the world is made a better place.
It is important you know that your level of understanding is directly proportional to the level of the value you add, while the value you add in turn determines your economic power ( money ). Great researchers with great innovations eventually become rich, their primary aim was not to become rich but to initially increase their level of understanding thereby adding value to their world, and the world pays them back with cash for the value added.
God hid knowledge for men to search out, a diligent search leads to great discovery. People pay you for the value you add to them, but you cannot add value without having proper understanding of what you do. The understanding of what you do determine what you earn, the man who fix fault on a motorcycle won’t earn the same amount as the one who fix fault an aircraft, the pay is basically determined by the worth of the value they add.
The root of everyman’s value is determined by the level of his understanding, increasing your value is synonymous to increasing your level of understanding. It is absolutely important that everyman who will keeping adding value continuously keep increasing in knowledge and understanding.
From our passage the wisest man, Solomon, said ‘….with all thy getting, get understanding ‘ note the phase ‘ with all thy getting ‘ it means give it all it takes to get understanding. Understanding of small things will in turn earn you small income while understanding of great things will earn you great income.
We are in age where information is easily accessed, you can learn great things on your bed accessing necessary websites. Seeking knowledge is adding value to yourself, it is wrong to limit yourself to what you were taught in college or university, you will do yourself good by giving what it take to seek good knowledge because it will in turn earn you good income. God made human brain in such a manner that it can learn great things, in fact man is expected to continue from where God stopped, exploring the earth, there are still so much to discover, but the understanding is given to a diligent search by a diligent mind. God bless you
* Lord help me to apply my heart unto wisdom.
2 Samuel 3, 3John 1.
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