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Prevailing Voice Daily 26th January 2024

Jan 26, 2024

26th January, 2024.
Text: Genesis 17:1-3

1: And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.

As Abram witnessed another year the Lord visited him to make a request. It is important you know that as we make request from the Lord he also make request, many times we want our requests met but we are not ready to grant that of the Lord’s.

Let me come out this way; our children make request from us daily while we expect excellent performance from them in their career. In like manner, God has expectations over our lives.

Our Case study here is Abram, (that was his name until he yielded the request of the Lord) he obviously has been walking with God but not up to God’s expectations. He was mostly probably doing things in his own way, in worship and service to the Lord, he probably had given himself a pass mark until the Lord appeared to him.

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I see God saying, ‘ Abram you are making effort but you are not meeting up to expectations, your ways are zigzag, you are wavering, you are not firm, your commitment is not total, consecration is not enough, you’re my friend, but we are not connecting, this year, I wouldn’t take that level of consecration, I expect more from you’.

God was invariably saying, ‘ there were a lot of irregularities in your life in previous years and I can no longer put up with those irregularities, tidy up your life and be holy, now walk with me and be thou perfect ‘.

This is what the Lord is requesting from everyone of us, ‘ tidy up your life and walk perfectly with me ‘.

Abram needed to take a decision that will make a lard mark in his life, that was a turning point in his life. This is the decision that will bring a turning point in our lives. Tidy up.

* I receive grace to walk with you and be perfect in Jesus Name.

Job 40 Romans 4.
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