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Prevailing Voice Daily, 26th August 2023.

Aug 26, 2023

26th August, 2023.
Text: Matthew 4:4.

4: But He replied, It has been written, Man shall not live and be upheld and sustained by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God. Amplified.

The word ‘ Indispensable ‘ simply mean what you cannot do without. Our text is a popular scripture, but many do not seems to understand its efficacy; they thought it was simply to shun the devil, they don’t know it carries a lifetime message for everyone.

Amplified version helps expatiate on this than other versions, it gave us three cogent, weighty words, they are:
1, Live.
2, Uphold.
3, Sustain.

The first point I want to discuss here is the reason Jesus put bread and the word of God in the same context: everyone knows that no human beings can exist without bread. Hunger kills a man faster than the devil. Food is basic necessity of life and so is the word of God.

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As food is to your body so is the word of God to your life, food only takes care of the body while God’s word takes care of our life. It is only the word of God that can give us life; the life of peace and contentment.

Some people have so much and yet not satisfied, this is simply because they lack the word of God, if a man lacks God’s word, his view about life will be wrong, he will be craving for more even when he has so much.

A life without God’s word will have a vacuum which will make him look empty, feel empty and keep longing for more and never get satisfied.

Why was Job able to come out victorious when he was faced affliction and torment? Look at his secret here Job 23:12 I have not gone back from the commandment of His lips; I have esteemed and treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food. Amplified. That is the reason he couldn’t give up amidst challenges. His affection for the word of God upheld him.

So, you see how the word of God can uphold a man when devil does everything for him to fall. Job treasured God’s word more than his necessary food, more than his wife, if his wife wouldn’t be on the same page with him in obeying God’s word, he rather let his wife be while he continues to trust the Lord.

God’s word sustains us in our trying times by giving us hope of a better tomorrow. As food gives our body strength to go through the stress of each day, so also God’s word give us fortitude to pass through the challenges of life.

Without God’s word in your life there will be a vacuum that cannot be filled, you will always feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, insecure, etc. God’s word will give strength to your in life. God bless you.

* Help me Lord to desire your word more than my necessary food in Jesus name.

Job 28 Acts 20.
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