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Prevailing Voice Daily, 10th November, 2022

Nov 10, 2022

10th November, 2022.
Text : Romans 12:11.

11: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.

The first point of call is that everyone must know his or her business. Your must be productivity engaged.

Ask yourself what’s my business? Your work, your service, your occupation. Anything that is gainfully productive is your business. If you don’t have any find one to do.

When you discover your business do it diligently, don’t be lazy, give it the best of your time, at first it might give little or nothing but remain committed to it, don’t be slothful.

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Your commitment to business are your mental and physical activities, but as good as they are they are not sufficient to earn you success this is because there are forces that control human activities, it was in the light of this that Apostle Paul commanded the Christians in Rome to be fervent in spirit.

Fervency in the spirit is like saying, stay alive in the spirit, stay awake in the spirit, be spiritually alert, be sensitive in the spirit, let your spiritual eyes be opened, let your spiritual hear be opened.

Your ability to discern in the spirit will help you take right decisions in your business and day to day activities.

Being fervent in the spirit is being a watchman over your life and family through prayer. A fervent spiritual person knows when things will go wrong in business. God’s Spirit will always instruct your spirit regarding steps to take.

As the Lord blesses your work and business you are expected to keep serving him. Don’t be too busy that you wouldn’t have time for God. God bless you.

* Help me to be diligent in business and fervent in spirit in Jesus name.

Nehemiah 9 Luke 24
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