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Prevailing Voice Daily 4th May 2021

Feb 16, 2022

4th May 2021
Topic: THE PLACE OF GLORY….Part 10
Text: Romans 8:18KJV

18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

In part nine, we discussed that there is time for the manifestation of glory even when you are in the place of glory.

Today we want to focus on the enemies’ strategy to displace a man from his place of glory.

2nd Chronicles 2:11 says

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"Lest Satan should get an advantage over us. For we are not ignorant of his devices."

One of the devices of the devil you should not be ignorant of when you are in your place of glory is frustration. The devil knows the beauty of the place of glory, he is fully aware that glory and beauty will surely manifest in the life of that man who has found and remain in his place of glory, and so to displace that man from his rightful location, to deprive him of that glory and beauty, the devil sends the arrow of frustration. Why?

* To make a man doubt his conviction of the place of glory: A child of God who is rightly located in his place of glory may begin to doubt if he was actually led to that place by God because of the challenges he is experiencing in that place, he may begin to think that he is in the wrong place or probably he is yet to get to the place of glory. if he is not sensitive enough to know that its the devil’s plot and if he is not patient to wait on God despite the challenges, he may relocate from his place of glory to a wrong place (wandering about). Beloved it’s the devil’s strategy. Beware

A biblical reference to butress my point is Genesis 26. God has appeared unto Isaac to remain in the land of the Philistines despite the famine, God had promised that he would greatly blessed Isaac there, even in the midst of the famine. Isaac obeyed, but the Philistines envied him, the herdmen of Gerar strove with Isaac as he was digging wells, after Isaac men must have dug a well, the herdmen of Gerar would come and claim it as theirs, these frustration continued until they finally let him be and strove not with him anymore.

Isaac remained in Gerar despite the strive from the herdmen of Gerar which were attempt to frustrate him, he did not allow them to displace him from his place God instructed him to stay. Beloved, the devil will do everything to displace you from your place of manifestation, do not be ignorant, displace him before he displaces you. God bless you

* Father, i frustrate every effort of the enemy to displace me from my place of glory in Jesus Name.

1 Samuel 23, Philippians 2.
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