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Prevailing Voice Daily, 16th November, 2020.

Nov 16, 2020

16th November, 2020.
Text: Romans 12:11.

11: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

Paul wrote the Christians in Rome and gave them three important instructions that keeps all Christians going:

First, Not slothful in business: this necessary so that they won’t use spirituality to cover up work. They shouldn’t fold their arms when they need to get to work or pray while they are supposed to be gainfully employed. It is absurd when you see people who suppose to be at work praying or evangelising.

The Bible did not teach laziness rather hard work, many things people quote Philippians 4:13 (But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus) In wrong context, the supply won’t be like manna dropping from heaven, but the prosperity of the works of your hands.

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All Christians are suppose to get to work to make a living.

Second, Fervent in spirit: don’t keep calm in your in the spirit, don’t be cold spiritually, don’t allow spiritual slumber or coldness to take over your spirit rather, be on fire, burning for the Lord. Lukewarmness in the spirit is dangerous, maintain a strong prayer life, study of God word, and keep a holy life.

Third, Serving the Lord: this key, it must continue till our last day on Earth, don’t take a break in serving the Lord, give me the best of your services. Be committed in serving the Lord, your commitment will inspire others, don’t allow challenges to discourage you from serving the Lord.

Your ability to structure your time in putting the three instructions to practice in your life will move your life forward.

Obeying divine instructions is the key to attaining our goals in this world, and reigning with God in heaven. Receive grace this day to obey divine instructions.

* Help me to be diligent at work and fervent in the spirit.

Deuteronomy 18, John 14.
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