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Prevailing Voice Daily, 24th October, 2020.

Oct 24, 2020

24th October, 2020.
Text : 1Samuel 8:7.

7: And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

  • When terrible things happen despite the fact that prayer has been said in several quarters, like the cases of killings in Nigeria despite prayer walks, people tend to ask questions, some will say ‘ God why?’.

If you are a good student of the bible you will understand that God does not impose His will on men, He allows man to express his own freewill, God does not compel men to obey him. There is a willpower in man given to him by God. Though he expects us to seek his will, he doesn’t force us to obey them, but definitely disobedience to his will always attract consequences.

The interesting thing about the bible is that it meets every circumstance either good or bad.

Where the will of the people prevails against God’s will there will always be problems. God is faithful to Nigeria, but disobedience to His will will always bring her to a point of lamentation.

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Many people have been disappointed by the actions of the Nigeria government over recent happenings, both within and outside the country. Someone said, ‘ despite all the great men of God in Nigeria why did God permits all these happenings?’ the truth is that the presence of men of God doesn’t avert consequences of disobedience.

The presence of Moses did not avert the consequences of disobedience on the Israelites, it only reduce it when Moses pleaded for them. Mariam was punished though her brother Moses was close to God.

If we want prosperous nation we must be diligent enough to hear from God and obey His voice. Another tragedy that brought us to where we are is the approval of men that has been rejected by God by the popular men of God, many of them are now scared of the choice they made.


We have learnt our lessons, by now everyone of us can differentiate from men with genuine prophesies and those with fake prophesies. I never for once supported this administration. You don’t need to be a pastor to discern the mind and will of God, every Christian should be able to understand the mind of God.

I was seriously taken aback when I saw the population of Christians campaigning for a man who is not God’s choice for us, and because God will not impose His will on men, their will prevailed against God’s will.

If we want a better nation we must be ready to know the mind of God in our choice of leaders, God is ready to guide us right, but if we are not ready to obey His voice we should not expect a better country.

The only way not to fall into the tricks of politicians is to obey the voice of God. God is set to transform this nation, but it won’t happen with force because he allows men to express their will.

He will speak concern the next election I just hope we will hear his voice and obey his wish. God bless you and bless Nigeria.

* Lord, Let your will be done in Nigeria in Jesus name.

Deuteronomy 4, Luke 16.
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