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Sep 1, 2020 #children, #E-BOOK

About The Book

Children are generally known as incapable of making serious decisions and legally under the care of a responsible adult. The first adult a child often comes in contact with is the mother or father.

What makes children different and unique from adults? Is it their openness to love and being loved? Or their humorous nature? Is it their clean and pure hearts ready for learning?

The amazing and beautiful thing about them is the high quality of innocence towards life and adults around them. This is why they are mostly prone to different abuses and assaults. Cruel adults, as a matter of fact, take advantage of their innocence.

Positive Parenting

Every parent therefore needs to know the uniqueness their of children. You need to defend your children from the cruelty and wickedness prevailing among adults. Dont be a passive mother or father in helping out your child from being abused by an adult.

Parenting children is very tasking and difficult because children are product from God without manual, this book tittle positive parenting will expose you to results oriented methods that will make you a winning parents

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Author: Mrs Esther Ajala

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