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Healed from Covid-19

Aug 6, 2020

During the program 20 DAYS OF SPECTACULAR ACTS Pastor Yemi sent me a message it reads thus:

‘ I saw you last night in a revelation, I need to pray for you. Call me when you can ‘.

I called and he prayed for me, few days later my result for COVID-19 test came, it was positive. That means I had contacted it before he had the revelation, so it was necessary he prayed for me.

To God be the glory I survived it, I have sound health now, I thank God for his love over me, I live in the US where the virus has killed many people.

Another testimony is that none of my family members was infected. My health is sound now, I have resumed back to work. Praise God for me.

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From a friend in United States of America.

I actually saw him dressed in black. All glory to God.(Pst Yemi)

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