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A Miraculous Appraisal Score for My Daughter

Jul 25, 2020

This woman has been following our program from US, she testifies to the glory of God on behalf of her daughter working in Lagos, Nigeria. Since she had been working with the company, her boss has always threatened and bully her, in fact, she threatened to sack her (the case was earlier reported to Pastor Yemi Olabode) she has never been given (KPI) appraisal for more than 30% to the extent that her colleagues resigned with the fear that their appointment may never be confirmed if they continue to get such appraisal score. But during these 21 days of fasting and prayer, another appraisal was done and this time around she got 50% assessment from her Supervisor who had earlier threatened to ensure she sacked, above all other workers in the company which has never happened since she started working there. All glory be to God.

Testifier in New York US

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