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Prevailing Voice Daily, 13th June, 2020.

Jun 13, 2020

13th June, 2020.
Topic: I WILL ARISE … part 2.
Text: Luke 15:18

18: I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee.

Thinking right enhances right decisions, the restoration of the prodigal son began when he nurtured the right thought.

I have always believed that every man is a product of his thought, even access to spiritual things and heavenly blessings began the day we decided to give our lives to Christ. God structured that every man will have to express his willpower in matters relating to his life. You will observed that Adam and Eve were given opportunity to decide either to obey the Lord or not in the case of eating the forbidden fruit.

The prodigal son moved from wealth to poverty by his decision and later came back to his senses to access his birthright of wealth, please take note of his first statement, that’s my emphasis here, ‘ I WILL ARISE ‘ when a man is going through unpleasant things he either think himself down or up, his action will always be determined by his decision, while his decision is a product of his thoughts, if he thinks himself down his decision will be the way down vise versa.

Everyone who went down must have one time or the other taken decision downwards, how do I mean? No matter the state of a man, he has the option to go down or up. In a terrible state, there is option for coming out of the state or going further into more terrible state. Some people think they are down already why do they need to make effort, they think in this manner; what can be more terrible than this, you will hear statement like ‘ the worst has happened ‘.

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Feeling down leads to thinking downwards, thinking downwards leads to taking decision downwards. In the case of the prodigal son he told himself , ‘ I will arise and go to my father (my source) ‘, he understood that no matter what his father will always have a fatherly feeling, and that led to his restoration.

The first statement to make to yourself is this ‘ I will arise and get helped ‘, when you will make this decision your heavenly father (God) will assist you. As you make decision to rise this day your help will come in Jesus name.

* I will rise in Jesus name.

Exodus 32, Hebrews 5.
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