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Prevailing Voice Daily, 7th June, 2020.

Jun 7, 2020

7th June, 2020.
Topic: THE MAKING OF A HOME… part 3.
Proverbs: 14:1.

1: Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Creating an environment of affection and security has been our focus in this series. The well being of children in the home places significant role in creating an enviroment of affection and security.

The mood of the parents reflects on their children, you can easily know if a child is from a happy home or not as Joy or sadness reflects on him or her . The bully on your spouse takes effect on your children as they reflect sadness on their faces each time you insult their father or mother.

Understand that children care so much about how their parents feel, the feeling of their parents easily spread to them. Argument and strife in the home will create tension that will spoil the children’s mood.

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The happiness of children makes the home lively, where Children are not happy you can be sure that fun will be missing in the home. They are the joy in every home, sometimes the gists from your children alone can bring you out of sad mood, ensuring their Joy is ensuring your peace.

We have to make financial plans for their feeding, schooling and careers. Growing them in the ways of God will guarantee their continuous peace and joy. Growing them in the way of God is connecting them to the source of Joy.

Your relationship with your spouse reflects in the lives of your children, you are showing them how to relate with people, if you watch closely, you will hear your children using your choice of words, if they are pleasant words, or otherwise they will follow the examples you give. God bless our children.

* Help me Lord to give the best to my children.

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