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Prevailing Voice Daily 2nd June 2020

Jun 2, 2020

2nd June 2020
Text: Revelation 1:8KJV

8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty

Times in life with respect to everyone are in three phases, which are the past, the present and the future. The experiences of life with reference to these three phases are often different because many of factors in which is included.

Though times changes and experiences of life varies with the changing times yet God is still God and remains the same. God was God in time past and the implications of this, are what we read about in the scriptures of his:

  • Greatness: The greatness of God cannot be explained in totality by words. Isaiah 66 spoke of how big God is that he made heavens his throne and the earth his footstool. He is so great that Revelation 1:8 said He is the Alpha and Omega and Revelation 22:13 added that He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. So great is our God, that when Moses asked God, if Pharoah and the Israelites in Egypt asked him (Moses) who sent him, God reply just say to them I AM WHO I AM sent you. His greatness is incomparable, he is great in all things.

  • Miracles: God was a miracle working God and he is still a miracle working God. We read of many great miracles in the scriptures, for example He turned the shepherd rod of Moses to a miracle rod, he opened up the red sea for Israelites made them walk on dry ground, he made the sun to stand still not setting for 24hours when Joshua prayed, he turned a burning fairy furnace into a cold room for the 3 Hebrew boys in Babylon, he shut the mouths of the Lions when Daniel was throne into the Lions’ den in Babylon. The miracles are endless and beyond comprehension.

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Time will not be enough to talk about his love, his anger, holiness, mercy and so on. But I say to you today that God will manifest his greatness in your life in Jesus Name. Everyone and everything saying to you where is your God?, and whose child are you? Your Father, who is great shall show forth his greatness to them on your behalf in Jesus Name. Also God will do great miracles in your life that is far beyond your understanding in Jesus Name and all men shall know that God was God in time past as he is today. God bless you

* Father show your greatness in my life and you did in the days of old and let me experience for your miracles in Jesus Name.

Exodus 23, Titus 1.
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