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Prevailing Voice Daily 28th January

Jan 28, 2020

28th January
Text: Proverbs 22:29KJV

29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men

In part six we discussed some dangers of incomplete diligence when a man is diligent physically but not spiritually. Today we want to consider some other possible dangers or disadvantages of incomplete diligence when a man is diligent spiritually but not physically.

Some people are diligent seriously in seeking God but they are not diligent in business, its either that they are lazy in their business or they are not doing anything at all. Alot of people are in this category due to ignorance while several others are due to their belief that God can do all things. Indeed God can do all things but not in terms of doing for you what you are meant to do for yourself e.g God will not cook your food for you, God will not take spoon and feed you, God will not write job applications for you e.t.c they are your responsibilities and you have got to do them yourself.

Some of the likely dangers of incomplete diligence are:

* Nothing to Bless: God has nothing to bless for a man who is diligent in seeking God but not diligent in business. When the widow of one of the son’s of the prophet whose husband died leaving debt for her ran to Elisha for help, Elisha asked her what did she have, she said nothing except a bottle of oil. Elisha instructed her on what to do such that God’s blessings came upon that small bottle of oil, and it became multipled into several pots of oil and that woman was never poor again (2nd King’s 4:1-7). That woman has something (a bottle of oil) and she was diligent to carry out the prophet’s instructions for her blessings to come. You are seeking God diligently in prayer for blessings but God is asking what do you have (business). So if you have nothing or not diligent in the business of your life then there is nothing for God to bless because he does not reward laziness but diligence.

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* Empty Blessings: Some like Jacob can really hold God that they will not let him go except he blesses them, and if God decides to answer their prayer to release blessings the danger is that it may amount to empty blessings. How? For example, a farmer is diligently praying for rain but he has not been diligent to till the ground, make ridges and plant his crops when the rain falls it falls on empty farmland with no positive result to the farmer, so it’s an empty blessing to him. Another example is this zero (nothing) multiply by a value (something) will still give zero (nothing) that is 0 * 1000 = 0. So if God wants to bless in a thousand folds and the blessings is falling on nothing it will yield nothing and that is empty blessings.

Dearly beloved, ignorant they say is a disease but certainly it’s not enough an excuse, so avoid the dangers of incomplete diligence rather be diligent in business and in seeking the Lord then you can be rewarded to stand before kings and not before mean men. God bless you.


  • Father, my blessings will not be empty in Jesus Name.

Zephaniah 2, Acts 5.
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