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Prevailing Voice Daily, 27th January 2020.

Jan 27, 2020

27th January, 2020.
Text: Psalms 90:12.

12: So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Just as each day is made up of night time and day time so also is it made up of challenges and opportunities. Applying wisdom in making the best use of the opportunities is my focus here. You hear people say, ‘ opportunity comes but once ‘, though in literal context it is wrong, opportunity comes several times in a man’s lifetime, but it is better one takes it as it is being said.

Living to make use of opportunities as they come puts you on the fast lane in life. Those who don’t pocastinate what they ought do, but act as if they will never be such opportunity again covers a long distance in a short time.

The difference between a rich man and a poor man is that a rich man makes good use of opportunities over time while a poor man will always have excuses for not making use of opportunities.

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Let me come out this way: opportunity is like rain, some people see the benefits in it while some see it as hindrance to their activities. A poor man will always have reasons for not achieving his goals: probably someone suppose to help him but refused to help him, while a rich man is the one who have to beat the hurdles of life, he has to go through storms sometimes, at another time have to climb mountains to take advantage of opportunity.

I am not talking about those who inherited riches but those who grow from nothingness to relevance. Even those who inherited riches need a lot of diligence to keep them. They have to make use of opportunities with the available resources.

Now listen this: it is God’s responsibility to create opportunity while it your duty to make good use of the opportunity. Opportunity is like a raw material made by God, you have to extract it and process it into finished product, you and I know that it is not always an easy task to extract raw materials, it takes diligence and persistence sometimes. Prayers most times are not answered in form of finished products but in form of raw materials, how do I mean? Good don’t send money from heaven but provides jobs that bring money. He provides opportunities for you to make money, and it is your duty to apply your heart unto wisdom and get money through the opportunities.

A man can rise from zero to become a hero if he can make use of opportunities God made available for him. Days come with opportunities, opportunity to rise and do something, don’t say there is nothing I can do, that’s the statement of the poor, there are one thousand and one things you can do, get up and apply your heart unto wisdom. God bless you.

* Guide me Lord, and help me to make good use of opportunities in Jesus name.

Zephaniah 1, Acts 4.
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