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Prevailing Voice Daily 23rd January

Jan 23, 2020

23rd January
Text: Proverbs 22:29KJV

29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men

In part five we discussed complete diligence, using Joseph as a case study who was diligent in business as a slave boy and in seeking God which made him to become a prime minister in his land of slavery. Today we want to consider the possible dangers or disadvantages of incomplete diligence.

Many people who are diligent tend to live in incomplete diligence, they are diligent only in business but not in seeking God, this however has a lot of limitations to what they can achieve and at times it is dangerous. Some of the dangers of such incomplete diligence are:

* Fruitless Effort: A diligent man is supposed to stand before kings but in the world of man where corruption and injustice prevail, a man may be very diligent in business yet deprived the right to stand before kings. His effort may not be rewarded adequately, his promotion may be seated upon by some individuals, and may even be given to another person who does not merit it. Mordecai found himself in such situation according to Esther 2:21-23 & 3:1-2. Mordecai was diligent to uncover an evil plot against the King but instead of being rewarded, he was not remembered and his promotion was given to Haman until God caused the King to open the book of remembrance concerning Mordecai.
* Absence of God’s Blessings: Every man’s labour requires the blessings of God, the blessings that make rich without any element of sorrow, but when a man is only diligent in business without diligently seeking his God, his effort comes without blessings and such diligence may yield limited or even no meaningful result. Peter a professional fisher man was diligent in his business having stayed awake all night in a quest to catch fishes but he caught nothing, as soon as he had encounter with Jesus and obeyed him (receives Jesus’ blessings) he had a net breaking breakthrough in his business according to Luke 5:1-11
* Working against His Maker: When a man is diligent only in business and not in seeking his Maker, he certainly lacks direction and instruction from God, such a man might be labouring and working against his Maker or out of his Maker’s plan for his life. The men building the tower of Babel were very diligent, committed and united in their goal to build the tower but they certainly were working against the purpose of God. As much as heaven recognised their unity and diligence, God scattered their language such that they became confused, divided and could not achieve their goals anymore (Genesis 11:1-9).
* Show of Pride: Physical diligence alone without seeking God could easily makes a man to fall prey of pride as he will think he can achieve things by his strength alone. The rich fool was called a fool by God because he thought it was his diligence in business that brought him such great achievements that he said to himself that his soul would relax and enjoy all the fruit of his labour. That was a show proud as he disregarded that there is a God in heaven who blesses a man’s labour (Luke 12:13-23)

* Father, help me to be completely diligent in Jesus Name.

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