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Prevaling Voice Daily, 30th December

Dec 30, 2019

30th December
Text: Psalms 107:1,2.

1: O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
2: Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;

As the year comes to an end it is important we do two things 1 is appreciation, 2 is expectation.

Appreciating God for what he has done, for blessings he has given, for his mercies that endures forever, his kindness towards us and our families, we just have to give him praise, he is the reason for our existence, he is  the reason why we have not lost anything, and even if you have lost anything he is the reason why you have not lost everything, he is to be praised for the year ending. Obviously, man cannot by any means add a day to his life. Our living is not guaranteed by holiness or prayerfulness but by his mercies. He determines who to live and who to die, and if he counted us worthy to witness the ending of another year it calls for appreciation.

In the course of the year God brought some men into our lives who in one way or the other added value to us. God sent help through them and you are able to achieve some things and solve some problems, it is important we appreciate those men, they are sent by God appreciating them for being used of God is not out of place. I called today A DAY OF APPRECIATION, first to God, and second to those who God brought our way as helpers, you will do well by just Sending a message of appreciation to them.

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Expectation is another point worthy of discussion, the coming here holds a lot of opportunities, but we have to meet the year with expectations and preparations. It is important to note that the 12 calendar months is just numbering of days, nothing changes in the year if your expectations and preparations will not change as we approach the coming year. It is important you have expectations of good and great things in your mind.

Nothing changes until you change it is man that effect changes from creation in all generations. If man will not act things we remain as they are, changes only occur when man decide to act, your expectations, preparations and decisions will a long way to go in determining what you achieve in the coming year.

Just less than two days to meet the coming year I asked you again; what are your expectations? what is your preparation like? What will your decisions look like? If these three things are out of place you will obviously not have a new year, you will rather remain in the old lifestyle, if you must have a New year those three things must be in place. God bless you.

* Thank you Lord, for this year.
* Thank you Lord, for men you brought my way this year.
* Let the coming year be better Lord.

Obadiah 1, John 7.
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