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Prevailing Voice Daily, 16th November.

Nov 16, 2019

16th November.
Topic: NEXT LEVEL…part 8.
Text : Proverbs 24:3.

3: Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established:

The world without man is like a house without a living soul. Man is made by God to keep the earth, Genesis 2:15 confirms this, read it here: And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

God made the structure of a beautiful world while he expected man to maintain and take care of the structure, but Adam failed. Your family is a world of it own, you’re expected to build on the structure made by God.

You must understand that man is made to make things happen, nothing changes until someone takes action, building a glorious family requires conscious effort from both husband and wife. Any family that is getting on well is built by the commitment of the couples.

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It is important to know that your family structure is a function of your input, many people think their families are down because of lack of money, that’s actually not true, it is purely absence of good structure.

Wisdom is required if you must get a good structure for your family, as a father or a mother the standard you set will go a long way to affect the kind of family you build. Having a vision for the family is the first step in moving your family forward, if you’ve got no vision you certainly shouldn’t expect anything tangible in the family.

You can change the level of the family by laying down structure that will ensure constant growth, structure for family finance, building a culture of prudence and contentment. You must always remember that childen learn fast from their parents, if you as father or mother is known for prudence and contentment then you are laying a foundation for a glorious family.

Building a culture of excellence in whatever you do is a way of telling your children that excellence should be their watchword. Average level mindset is usually built in the minds of children, when you notice that in your children you must come up with a structure that will extinct that mindset.

A culture of diligence and hardwork must also be in place if you will raise the level of your family, childen must be taught to be diligent and hard-working, pampering them will in no way help them.

Finally, the mindset of possibilities must be built in the minds of every member of the family, the slogan should be, ‘ every good thing is possible ‘.

Every family characterised with all the attributes discussed here will move progressively from one level to another per time. God bless you.

* Lord move my family to the next level in Jesus name.

Daniel 10, Mark 16.
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