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Prevailing Voice Daily 14th November

Nov 14, 2019

14th November
Text: Genesis 1:3KJV

3 And God said, Let there be light and there was light

God speaks through divers means and in many ways. He speaks when there is need for him to speak, he speaks to bring out the best in the lives of his children, great things happen when God speaks

Another thing that happens when God speaks is that there is sense of direction in life.

Life like a journey needs direction. Direction on what to do, where to go, when to go, how to go e.t.c Man as a mortal being is limited in the sense that no man knows the future, not even what will happen a minute from now. And so knowledge of the future can greatly help a man to prepare for what is ahead and such man can maximise his present to achieve the future. Man needs direction for virtually every aspect of his life e.g he needs direction on the choice of career to avoid waste of time struggling in a wrong career, he needs direction on his choice of marital partner to avoid getting married to his own enemy or to the enemy of his maker, he needs direction on the choice of business to do or to invest his money on to avoid heart breaks from loss on investment.

The only one who knows the future is God, he is called the OMNISCIENCE, meaning the one who knows all things, and of course like a father, He is ready and willing to direct His children. Now, when God speaks to any man, one primary benefit such man receives is direction in life. In 1 Samuel 30, King David experienced one of the toughest and most challenging down time in his life, the Philistines came and destroy his city (Ziklag) and took away all their belongings including wives and children, David and his men wept until they could weep no more. The matter became worse when his men thought to stone him to death. At that point David knew not exactly what to do, he needed direction and that he received when he sought God in prayer. God spoke and told him to pursue the Philistines, that he would over take them and that he would recover all. As David God’s instructions, he overtook the enemies and recover everything taken from his kingdom.

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Beloved, when God speaks there is direction, God will speak to you today, and you will receive the right direction in life in Jesus Name.

* Father, speak unto me today, and let me receive the right direction in life in Jesus Name

Daniel 8, Mark 14.
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