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Prevailing Voice Daily 12th November

Nov 12, 2019

12th November
Text: Genesis 1:3KJV

3 And God said, Let there be light and there was light

God speaks through divers means and in many ways. He speaks when there is need for him to speak, he speaks to bring out the best in the lives of his children, great things happen when God speaks.

One of the things that happen when God speaks is that light comes.

God’s words bring light to every dark situations and circumstances, his words bring illumination to every confusion. Light is needed because darkness exists, and darkness is synonymous to a variety of things in a man’s life. One of the things darkness brings into a man’s life is blindness. Darkness makes a man with full eye sight to be blind, blind in the sense that such man acts in wrong ways when faced with life issues or challenges, he takes wrong decisions about life and goes on the wrong path in the journey of life.

Darkness also brings struggles, and reduces one’s speed in life. Have you ever been in a room with light and suddenly the power supply cuts off, you will understand clearly that with your full eyes sight you can’t see anything, and at that point you will need to move slowly, carefully and possibly struggle to find your way out. So if there is a delay in the progress of your life, if you realise you are moving at a very slow pace in life, wait on God for his words because when he speaks there will be light, and when light comes there will be no more delay.

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Dearly beloved, from our scriptural text above

And God said Let there be light, and there was light”.

I pray that God will speak expressly unto you and light shall shine upon your life in Jesus Name.

Daniel 6, Mark 12.
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