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Prevailing Voice Daily 7th November

Nov 7, 2019

7th November
Text: Psalms 119:37KJV

37 Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way

In part ten we discussed some steps on preventing or avoiding distraction. Today by the grace of God, we want to round off on this series “MIND THAT DISTRACTIODN“. We want to discuss how to deal with or handle distraction. We said in the part 8 & 9 that it is better and safer to avoid or prevent distraction than to deal with it, however, when distraction eventually comes we certainly must deal with it rather than allowing it to destroy us. Below are few steps to tackle distraction:

* Mind that Distraction: Bible says we should not be ignorant of the devil’s devices, when distraction comes don’t ignore it. There is a great tendency to ignore distraction because it appears subtle, easy, gentle, harmless and somewhat insignificant, but in a matter of time it creeps deep and manifest it’s full potential, therefore, mind that distraction, be conscious of it, don’t ignore it, face it. Ignoring distraction is like giving a space to the devil to operate just as the book of Ephesians 4:27 admonishes saying

Neither give place to the devil”.

If you give the devil a little space (that is ignoring that distraction), he will take the whole space from you, therefore beloved, mind that distraction.

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* Address that Distraction: A further way to tackle distraction is to address it. Addressing it means taking the necessary right actions to stop it before it destroys you. It means don’t allow or permit it any further, at that very instance you identify or discover that distraction, address it right away. Joseph was been tempted with distraction from his master’s wife, he told the woman to her face that he wouldn’t do such great wikedness and sin against God, when the woman persisted by grabbing his garment to commit adultery with her, Joseph flee leaving his garment in her hands. Distraction comes in different categories, and may require different actions to address it. If you need to rebuke it, do so, if you need to report it, report it, if you need to run away from it, do so, which ever category that distraction is ensure you are taking a right action to stop it from harming you.

* Let God be with You: Some distraction comes in a way that are beyond what your natural strength or wisdom can tackle, some are very sensitive such that defending yourself againt it can land you in serious trouble. It is such category of distraction that men would advise that if you can’t beat them, you join them. Beloved, if you join them it will utterly destroy and finish you, rather than joining them, involve God in it, let God help you. Joseph was in this kind of sensitive distraction because it was coming from his master’s wife, for the fear of God, Joseph refused to comply to the woman’s bid and that landed him in prison but because God was with him, he was victorious at the end. So let God be with you.

* Father, save me and deliver from every distraction capable of destroying my life in Jesus Name.

Daniel 1, Mark 7.
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