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Prevailing Voice Daily 30th October

Oct 30, 2019

30th October
Text : Jeremiah 18: 4

4: And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.

Let me tidy this teaching up here: decisions play major role in the life of everyone. Regrets today are products of mistakes of yesterday, and many people wish they could turn back the hand of the clock, they which they could reverse what has been done.

Consequences of costly mistakes are always great, but the goodnews is this; God can turn things around, he can restore the years that the devourers have eaten up.

God painted a picture to Prophet Jeremiah in the Jeremiah chapter 18, he led him to the house of the potter, and he saw the potter making a vessel on the wheel and the vessel was destroyed in his hand. He likened himself to the potter and his people to the clay, which of course we are, remember we are made from dust, clay or sand.

When the vessel in the hand of the potter was marred, the potter wouldn’t throw it away but rather make it again another vessel.

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Please note two words in verse 4, ‘ again and anotherif we take the word again it will probably mean that the potter wants to make that vessel again, but the word another follows, and now he says he is making another vessel. These two words seem to contradict each other, but this is what it means; that same vessel that was marred, that is destroyed, will be made again another vessel. God was telling Jeremiah, by the time I am done with the vessel that was marred it will look as if it is not the one that was marred.

You must understand that God is loving and caring, he is patient with everyone, he is not going to discard you if you surrender to him, it does not matter how terrible things are now, he will bring transfromation into your life, he wouldn’t leave you to suffer, he will restore the things you have lost even if they are consequences of your mistakes.

This message is aimed at bringing restoration into your life, if you can trust him he can restore the wasted years, the wasted money, wasted opportunities, lost breakthroughs. God is committed to seeing lives change, every life is prescious to him even that of an animal, that is the reason he forbids human beings to drink blood of animals though we can have them for food, because the life of every animal is in its blood. Leviticus 17:14.

As we wait upon him today, ask for restoration of precious things you have lost. God bless you.

* Lord please restore every precious thing I have lost.
* Mould me again into another vessel in Jesus name.

Ezekiel 43, Mark 1.
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