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Prevailing Voice Daily 24th October

24th October
Text: Psalms 119:37KJV

37 Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way

In part six we discussed that distraction is a subtle tool or device in the hand of the devil against any man, especially God’s children.

Today we want to focus on how to identify distraction in order to be able to avoid it, stop it or flee from it.

The objects or souces of distraction could be animate (living) or inanimate (non living) and could also be real (visible to the eyes) or abstract (not visible but can be felt). Irrespective of the above mentioned categories of distraction, the following are features can help to identify distraction:

* Element of Pleasure: The enemies understand the potency of distraction, and so usually when they are set to distract a man, it certainly must be something that offers pleasure and beautiful to behold such that it’s difficult to be ignored. Therefore if it’s appearance looks pleasurable it’s most likely a means to be distracted, watch carefully before you embrace it.

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* Element of Easiness and Subtleness: Distraction does not appear difficult or tough, rather it appears with ease, harmless and gentle. It appears to easy off stress after hardwork, success, or victory, especially when a man is the mood of celebration.

Devil knows that the best time to attack a man especially God’s children is when a struggle has just ended, when victory and success are just achieved, when a battle is just won.

He knew that such man is in the mood of relaxation from stress, struggle and hardwork, and so he brings to him a subtle distraction to end his joy and terminate his success and victory. Be mindful.

* Element of Instant Benefits: Distraction also comes with offering of immediate benefits with little or no risk but it’s seriously a disguise aimed at bringing a damaging loss to it’s victims. Some businesses have crashed because of this element of distraction entering business deals that offer abnormal and unimaginable instant profitability.

In conclusion, the trusted, tested and guranteed means to identify distractions is through the Holyspirit. Ability to hear and obey the leading of the Holyspirit certainly keeps and saves a man from distraction. The Holyspirit is our guide, among many things his duties are to teach, lead and guide us but we must submit to him and co-operate with him to help in this journey of life. God bless you.

* The spirit of the living please come and guide me henceforth in this journey of life and let me not be a victim of distraction in Jesus Name.

Ezekiel 37, Matthew 23..
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