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15th October
Text: Psalms 119:37KJV

37 Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way

In part three we were discussing that distraction is a thief because it steals time and we learnt how the Israelites were distracted by the evil report of ten spies and the consequences they suffered wandering in the wilderness for 40 years instead of 40 days.

Today we want to discuss that distraction takes a man off focus in life. Life as a journey needs focus in every sphere. This is best explained when the journey of life is likened to a man driving a car on an highway, of course you know that driving on an highway requires full concentration and optimum focus, and so a slight distraction can lead to fatal accident which can wreck the car, affect the driver and other road users.

When distraction sets in and focus is lost at that moment, the following could happen:

* Reduced or no alertness: When one becomes distracted and lost focus in life whether physically or spiritually, such will lose all forms of alertness, feeling relax and insensitive till danger encroaches. The great man in the scriptures called Samson, was distracted by his lust for a strange woman till he divulge the secret of his divine strength, he lost all forms of alertness till his enemies encroached, captured him and made his life ridiculous. So when you are losing your alertness is very likely you are losing focus due to distraction.

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* Life’s journey could be paused: Life as journey is meant to be progressive, but distraction leading to loss of focus can pause the progress of life at that moment of distraction. Such brings about procrastination, postponing today’s goals or dreams till tomorrow. The Israelites’ journey in the wilderness is a good example, because of their doubt they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years (a pause to their progressive journey to the promise land).

* Life’s journey could retrogress: The moment of distraction could take a life backward instead of forward, many have lost everything because of a brief moment of pleasurable distraction bringing them back to the starting point. Some people have lost their entire wealth, some defrauded because they got distracted getting into relationship with wrong person especially ladies. Lost of focus could take a life backward so beware.

* Life’s journey could be terminated: Distraction can end the journey of a life on earth untimely like it happened to Samson ending his life untimely (Judges 16:23-31). Perpetrators of evil usually get their victims by simply getting them distracted and before they realised, it could have been so late claiming lives. Some people have been sent out of jobs because their collegues who plotted their downfall simply played on them through distraction and loss of focus on their job.

Beloved, that distraction may seem very simple, it may appear you can handle it, but beware it could cost you more than you could ever imagine, and so I say do mind that distraction. God bless you.

* Father, I will not lose focus in life in Jesus Name

Ezekiel 28, Matthew 14.
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