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Prevailing Voice Daily 5th October

Oct 5, 2019

5th October
Text: Songs of Solomon 2:15

15: Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

A home could be likened to a vineyard, and just as foxes can destroy a vine also, there are foxes who take away the joy of a home. Imagine a home where husband, wife and children are living happily, suddenly it turned to a troubled home where the wife is angry with her husband, and then the children are not happy because their parents are not in good terms, obviously the enemy is up to something in that home.

The foxes that kill joy in a home are not much and can be dealt with, I will discuss a few here:

* Insincerity: when couples are not sincere with each other, things go wrong, this makes husband and wife to lose confidence in themselves, the man won’t be able to have joint savings with his wife. Many families have lost savings and investments in finance houses and to strangers because the couples couldn’t trust each other thereby keep each other away from savings and investments, and so when one died the other has no proof to claim the investment of the other.

* Intolerance: when you capitalize on the imperfections of your spouse it is an act of intolerance, when you always see his or her mistakes, when you wouldn’t overlook somethings. Intolerance leads to nagging, argument and if care is not taken separation. That’s when you hear statements like; ‘ I can’t take that anymore ‘, ‘ your cup is full ‘, ‘ give me a break ‘.

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Foxes can tear a glorious home apart, mind you, they are not spirits, some people think demons are responsible for all break ups, that’s not the case most times, they are human actions most times.

  • The third point is this: Lust of the eyes. It shocked me to discover that dictionary defined ‘ fox ‘ as a very attractive or seductive looking woman. This is a major fox in the home; strange women, seductive girls have broken and stolen the joy in many homes. Some men have left their wives and children because of strange girls.

Some men who couldn’t control their desires have bought cars and built houses for strange women. And so it is not out of place for the dictionary to defined ‘ fox ‘ as a seductive looking woman.

Everyone that will keep his home must give all diligence to ensure these foxes do not destroy his or her home. God bless you.

* Help me Lord, to get rid of foxes that are capable of destroying my home in Jesus name.

Ezekiel 19, Matthew 5.
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