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17th September
Topic: THE WORLD OF SIN….Part 5
Text: John 16:8KJV

8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

In part four we discussed the lies of the men as a category of the element of lies in the world of sin.
Today, we want to discuss another category of the elements of lies that many live, in the world of sin and that is the lies of self.


SELF LIES: These are rational lies that individuals tell themselves in order to justify their act and life of sin. They are lies from the pit of hell, inscribed by the devil in a person’s heart to counter the guilt of sin and kill their judging conscience. Some of such lies are:
* Everybody is doing it: This type of lie is said by a person who otherwise should feel remorseful about his wrong deeds in a bit to defend and justify his wrongs. It is meant to mean that doing such wrong or evil is no big deal, that every other persons usually do likewise. Beloved, a sin is a sin and a wrong is a wrong without a better name to qualify it, that majority does, still will not make it right before God, so desist from it. Also, everyone is not doing it, if only you could be patient and make indept finding you will realize that it is a wrong assumption and a critical lie that everybody is doing it.
* Man must die of something: When an habitual addict is scolded, rebuked or advised to stop his/her wrong habitual way of life especially smoking, drinking, prostituting e.t.c on the account that he/she may lose his life or become vulnerable to deadly diseases, such will say this kind of lie that after all, man must die of something. It’s a lie from the pit of hell in the heart of men to justify such sinful habitual addiction. Beloved, death is not the end of life, the scripture says after death there is judgement, so if you die because of habitual sin (smoking, drinking, prostituting e.t.c), what kind of judgement do you think God will give. Think on these things and be wise
* It’s a national cake: Corrupt persons find this kind of lies suiting to defend their evil acts of fraud and embezzlement. They claim that such money which they are stealing or intend to steal is a national cake and that they are only cutting their own shares of the national cake. The term “National cake” is not found anywhere in the scriptures, in any company policies nor in the law guiding political public offices, it’s simply a lie from the pit of hell with an act of criminal offences punishable by God and by the laws of the land. Beloved, desist from embezzlement of public funds, it attracts curses upon such a life.
* After all no one will see me: This is lie that anyone who indulge in sin secretly says to himself. It’s not true that no one sees you, God in heaven, who is the supreme judge sees you clearly and he certainly does reward in the open. Beloved, desist from self lies that keeps you captivated and entangled with the world of sin. God bless you
* Father, help me to tell myself the truth of your world everywhere and everytime in Jesus Name.
Ezekiel 2, Revelation 10.
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