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Prevailing Voice Daily 16th September

Sep 16, 2019

16th September
Topic: MIND THERAPY…part 8
Text : 2 Timothy 1:7

7: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Many people think God will change things suddenly for them and that they don’t need to do anything since he is God and he can do anything at anytime. That’s not the case beloved, your must play your part.
God made man in such a way that he can take part in matters concerning his life. You must understand that God limits no man except a proud fellow. God gives everyone a mind to reason out his way to destiny while he (God) directs him.
What God gives is a sound mind at creation, but you must constantly improve your mind, that’s the focus here.
The mind of a man can’t function beyond the level of its improvement, no man can live above his mindset, you see people praying for breakthroughs, but their mind can’t manage the level of breakthrough they are praying for, such people will turn out to be like the prodigal son who wasted his father’s wealth.
Sometimes, people think that lack of money is their problem rather, it is lack of a sound mind to make money. You must always improve on your mindset, your mind must be schooled to move your life to the next level.
Challenges are part of life and if your mind is not schooled you will always be discouraged to do great things or move forward. You will notice that achievement is not determined by age but by the soundness of the mind, for instance; a 19 years old boy can obtain PHD while a 30 years old man is still battling with BSc, the 19 years boy got it based on the soundness of his mind.
If you improve your mind per time you will always rise up to the challenges around and come out victorious. Many are still struggling with financial crisis not because God wants them to, but because they’ve not improved their mind to come up with steps to work out of poverty. This is it; while you’re praying God expects you to do something, if your mind is not made up to do it, you will not get your desired breakthrough. The therapy here is that you improve your mind to beat the challenges around and ahead of you, and to get that done information is key, your mind must constantly be updated. God bless you.
* Let me be privileged to right information that will move my life forward in Jesus name.
Ezekiel 1, Revelation 9.
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