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Prevailing Voice Daily 6th September

Sep 6, 2019

6th September
Topic: MIND THERAPY …part 3.
Text : Proverbs 4:23

23: Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life. Amplified.

Heart is defined as the locus (scene of an event, specific site) of feelings and intuitions.
Mind is defined as that which Is responsible for one’s thought and feelings. Both definitions have proofs that there is correlation between the two words. I observed that both words are used interchangeably in the bible.
Our text is an instruction, in fact, a commandment, it is explicit enough to understand: guard your heart/mind with all vigilance and above all that you guard. Amplified version gave us additional information about the verse: ‘…with all vigilance and above all that you guard ‘, there are other things to be guarded but above all you need to guard, guard your mind for out of it comes the issues of life.
Every matter of life proceed from the mind of a man, and every challenge has ability to affect the mind if it is not guarded, a watch over your heart/mind is synonymous to a watch over your life. It is important you do not allow some thoughts that are capable of spoiling your mood which eventually affects your decisions.

When your decision is wrong, your action will be wrong and when your action is wrong you will get wrong result.

The life of a man both on this earth and in the world to come are determined by his decisions and when his mind is not properly guarded he has reasons to take wrong decisions.
The information you get, that is the things you hear and see, find their way into your mind; the bad news, discouraging news, unpleasant stories and reports of sorrowful events tend to find their way into the mind. The stories of failure, killings, untimely death, troubles, all try to find their way into the mind. It is your responsibility to guard your mind.
Let me give you an instance here; when you are about starting a business and you hear story of someone who has tried the same business and failed, discouragement will most likely set in your mind, at that point you will need to think through and build up courage in your mind before you can enter into that business.
For out of it comes the issues of life ‘, this is like saying, ‘ it is the source of life ‘, this is more important than that money or materials things you’ve gotten, your mind is the greatest asset you’ve got. If you have money and your mind is not in the right position you won’t enjoy your life, if your mind is properly positioned you can be sure that your life will be rightly positioned.
You need good information to guard your mind, just as education extinct ignorance, so the word of God, bible, teachings like PREVAILING VOICE DAILY will properly position your mind and you will eventually find joy in life. God bless you.
* Help me Lord, to always keep watch over my mind.
Jeremiah 50, Jude 1.
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