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Prevailing Voice Daily 3rd September

Sep 3, 2019

3rd September
Text: John 16:8KJV

8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.

A life of sin is a life living in a world of sin. Sin itself is like a world with it’s inhabitants or let’s say it’s captives because living in sin is bondage according to Romans 6:14 saying

for sin shall not have dominion over you….

One attribute or feature of the world of sin is secrecy, in other word if it is a sin then it is has an element of secrecy, and so we can say the world of sin is the world of secrets.
The following are the element of secrecy in sin, or the feature of secrecy in it.
* Secret Places: A life of sin is lived in secret places like the closet, hideouts e.t.c When anyone commits sin or find it easy to commit sin, it’s mostly because they find themselves in a secret place where no one sees them. Many atimes perpetrators of sinful acts, always seek for secret places before they feel convenient to commit the sin. Though committed in a secret place, God see it all. Remember the scripture says that

your father who seeth in secret, himself shall reward thee openly (Matt 6:4)

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* Hidden from Men: Anyone who commits sin, does so for it not to be noticed, but rather hidden from men. And so committing sin is convenient for some because as at the time its been done no one sees them. If it were noticed before they committed it, they most likely would refrain at that moment. Many youths who indulge in sexual immorality and theft does so via this element of secrecy, keeping it unknown to everyone.
* Dark Hours: This is another element of secrecy in the world of sin. It’s a life often associated with dark hours of the day and in the dark places of this world. Occultism, ritual activities and sacrifices are perpetrated in the dark hours and in the dark places. No wonder the scripture says in Psalms 74:20

…..that the dark places of the earth are full habitations of cruelty.

Spiritual wickedness also bank on this element of secrecy, they commit wickedness conviently at the dark hours and at the dark places of the earth.
Beloved, the purpose of this teaching is to point out clearly the elements or the tools of the devil in multipling sin in the hearts of men and there by sowing seed of destruction into many lives with many others being victims of the acts of sin. If you can check mate yourself carefully, asking yourself these questions; Do I love secret places? If yes, what do I do in the secret place? Do I love to keep things hidden from my fellow men? If yes, what do I love to keep hidden from them? Do I long for the dark hours of the day? If yes, what do I do at the dark hours of the day? Sincere answers to those questions and relying on the help from God can deliver you from the world of sin. Think on these things… God bless you.
* Father, by your mercy, deliver me from the life and the world of sin in Jesus Name.
Jeremiah 47, 2 John 2.
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