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Prevailing Voice Daily 31st August

Aug 31, 2019

31st August.
Topic: POSSIBILITIES ….part 15
Text : Amos 3:3

3: Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? NLT.

I want to tidy up the series of POSSIBILITIES here, to start another series titled ‘ MIND THERAPY ‘. The main focus in this part is why couples break up; first of all you must understand that break ups occur between christian couples and unbelieving couples, though believers, born again, christians are not suppose to break up, but some did, couples we least expected break up. I will be sharing the reasons here.
It will surprise you to know that all break ups, separations, divorce began from the mind, you must understand that you don’t give up on a thing until you have given up in your mind. When you start nursing some negative thoughts about your spouse break up is beginning to set in.
Every marriage began from the mind, you make up your mind to marry your spouse before marriage, and for it not to break up you must keep your mind in right state, once you begin to have some negative thoughts, you are journeying towards divorce. You might get disappointed when your spouse begin to show hidden attitude, but you can go extra mile to get him or her back.
When expectations are not met you might begin to lose interest in the marriage, you begin to see the imperfections of your spouse when you live together, the way you handle the imperfections matters, it takes a proper mindset to work on his or her imperfections, it is wrong to nagg about them, you must find a way to fix the imperfections.
Inability to forgive your spouse’s wrong doings will break your marriage, we see unbelievers who easily forgive their spouse’s wrong doings, while some believers keep rehearsing the wrongs for months and years, and if that linger for sometime it might break the marriage.

I heard of a man whose wife got into marriage with another man’s pregnancy, he was aware of it but never discussed it with the wife, gave the boy the best of education, though the boy’s name never appeared in his will, it was only known to the man’s lawyer who prepared the will who latter broke the news when the man died, the man made effort to keep his marriage though that might not be best approach, but to an extent he forgave his wife.

I heard of another man who told his wife, ‘ please tell me everything that has happened, I will forgive you ‘, and he did when he heard of the infidelity of his wife.

The two instances are sufficient to break any home, but someone went extra mile to forgive that which appears unforgivable, majority of men would have made serious issues out of that. The difference between a man/woman who can forgive and a man/woman who can’t forgive is their mindset. Treasure what you have and guide your mind against negative thoughts and feelings, work on the imperfections of your spouse. God bless you.
* Nothing shall be strong enough to break my home/marriage in Jesus name.
Jeremiah 44, 1 John 4.
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