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29th August
Text: Isaiah 40:31KJV

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

One of the characteristics of an eagle is that it can fly at very high altitude, high above the mountains and far above other birds. The Body of an eagle is made for flying and for catching prey. To do these things, the body must be light in weight and very strong. It must be light enough to get off the ground and fly high in the air, but strong enough to swoop down on prey and carry it away. To make their bodies lighter in weight, eagles have hollow bones. In some places, there are braces inside the bones to make them stronger. But many parts of the bones have nothing inside them but air.
Now the scripture compares some people to eagles saying they shall renew their strength and they shall mount up with wings as eagle (fly just like an eagle). These people compared to eagles are those who wait on the Lord, it means waiting on God bring out these characteristics of eagles in them which are:
* Light: Eagles are light in body structure (hollow bones) and so can fly high easily, so when you wait upon the Lord, you deny yourself of food and comfort, this makes you light physically but spiritually agile, at alert and not lazy.
* Strength: Eagles are known for strength among other birds and this is also as a result of their body framework, likewise everyone who wait on God have their strength renewed spiritually, this is simply because spending quality time with God affords them the release of strength from above.
The big question then is, how can I wait on God?
* Fasting: This is one important way to wait upon the Lord, it’s a time you deny your body food for a period, a time you deprive your flesh the comfort it naturally desires basically to pray (seek God’s face) and to study the scriptures (to hear from God). Fasting is not an old testament doctrine and it’s not outdated as some people claimed, its importance and exploit in the journey of a Christian cannot be over estimated, even Jesus said some things cannot happen without fasting and prayer (Matt 17:21).
Beloved, if you must soar high in life and fly like an eagle far above your equals then you must wait upon the Lord. God bless you.
* Father, make me to soar higher in life just like the eagles in Jesus Name.
* Father, help me to always wait on you in Jesus Name.
Jeremiah 42, 1 John 2.
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