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10th August.
Topic: POSSIBILITIES….part 4
Text: Mark 9:23

23: Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Glory to God for great things he is doing through PREVAILING VOICE DAILY, these series ‘ POSSIBILITIES ‘ and ‘ TILL HE COMES ‘ are blessings to everyone who reads.
This series is constructive with relevant interralated scriptural passages. This is not copied or written from anywhere, it is pure revelational teaching as the Holy Spirit inspires me. The focus here is POSSIBILITIES OF HAVING A GLORIOUS MARRIAGE.
Your faith is the absence of doubt in your mind, read part 1 to 3 on our blog if you miss them.
I want to explain the statement ‘ all things are possible to him that believes ‘, take note of the phrase ‘ all things ‘, that includes your marriage. Having a blissful marriage is possible no matter the challenges around your home, the solution is not change of spouse, but change of mindset or spouse’s mindset about marriage.
The change have to begin with you; don’t react to the negative attitude of your spouse but rather respond well. Reacting is behaving in accordance to his or her actions, but instead of reacting give a positive action to either a positive act or a negative act of your spouse. This is what the Paul meant in Romans 12:21

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Be ready to give positive action for every negative act of your spouse.
Seeing your marriage as a mistake will not in anyway help you, you can fix whatever is wrong.

If you have been merging up don’t think of breaking up rather build up.

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I have counselled people who said, ‘ Pastor Yemi, it won’t work ‘, they later obeyed and found honey in their marriage.

You have to fix your mind before you can fix your home.

Every woman is beautiful including your wife, that woman that is looking charming, someone is taking care of her.

If you take care of yours too she will look beautiful.

I advise women to seduce their husbands, don’t look old before him, let him always like what he sees when he sees you. Taking care of children shouldn’t make you look old, always look good for your husband.
You are not destined to have a poor family, no family is destined to be poor, with a proper mindset you can walk your family out of poverty.
I am sharing from experience, I told myself many years ago that any good thing people enjoy, I will enjoy, of course, that is not unscriptural, it is God’s desire for us to live well. I knew it must be set in my mind before it can be set in my life. I believe that amidst serious challenges and I see it coming to pass today.
What about raising excellent children, yeah! Very possible. First of all you must understand that your child is not inferrior to any child, and have a mind set of raising excellent children, they don’t need to go to expensive schools before you achieve that. Thank God for my father, the only thing he did want to hear is, ‘ Oluyemi, took first position ‘. He built a culture of excellence in me and that has helped me a great deal.
Joy, peace, harmony, prosperity, excellence are God’s desires for your marriage, believe this, set your mind towards it, and work towards it. God bless you.
* I receive every good thing you have prepared for my life and family.
Jeremiah 23, Hebrews 10.
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