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Prevailing Voice Daily 8th August

8th August
Topic: TILL HE COMES….Part 3
Text: Luke 19:13KJV

13 And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.

In part two, we discussed some reasons or purposes for which the master gave talents to the servants while he was going on a journey and told them to occupy till he comes; which were for responsibility and for business. Today we want to consider additional purposes for which the master gave talents to the servants before he went on his journey.
* TO MAKE PROFIT: Everyone into business is primarily doing so to make profit, no one does business to run at a loss, likewise our God. The servants were given talents to make profit for the kingdom as they do the kingdom business. So every talent, gift, skill, wisdom, knowledge, ability e.t.c that God has deposited in you is to profit his kingdom or let me simplify it by saying it is to the benefit of his kingdom. So don’t be an unprofitable servant who left his talent unused, who hide his talent somewhere till his master came back and condemned him. Beloved, as a point of emphasis, I want to say again that the talents and gifts are deposited in you to prosper his kingdom here on earth and to bless lives, when you leave this earth and get to heaven there would be no use for them, so use them now so that you will be rewarded when he comes and not condemned.
* TO EXPAND HIS KINGDOM: The kingdom of God extends from heaven to the earth, that was why Jesus taught his disciples in the Lord’s prayer saying

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

The expansion of the kingdom is Paramount in the heart of Jesus. From the parable in our scriptural text, the master left the servants with a KINGDOM gave them talents to trade while he was going on a journey to still prepare himself a KINGDOM (that is expansion). Beloved everything God has deposited in you is to expand his kingdom here on earth and in heaven, so as you use them, you will win more souls into his kingdom, you will turn many from the kingdom of darkness into his kingdom of light and that brings about the expansion of his kingdom on earth and in heaven. Therefore, brethren, occupy till he comes. God bless you
* Father, make me a profitable servant and use me to expand your kingdom in heaven and on earth in Jesus Name
Jeremiah 21, Hebrews 8.
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