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Prevaling Voice Daily 5th August

Aug 5, 2019


5th August
Text: Luke 1:37

37: For with God nothing shall be impossible.

This is a popular scripture, one major problem people have with the word of God is over familiarity, and the acceptance of common interpretation of the scriptures. You must understand that the bible is life, it is meant to give life, it is not just to inform you like other books, but to inspire you. If you are going to be a good student of the bible you must wait on the Holy Spirit for interpretation of it, that is what we do and that is the reason PREVAILING VOICE DAILY has find it way into the hearts of many people in 126 countries of the world.
Over the years many people have had partial understanding of our text, I trust the Lord to help me deliver it as I got it.
I will like you to take note of the word WITH in the statement; for WITH God nothing shall be impossible, the word ‘ WITH ‘ is considered as a preposition because it is used to indicate associations, togetherness, and connections between things and people. It is also used to explain where objects are.
It simply means for the impossible to become possible one have to be in association, togetherness and connections with God. The togetherness is not mere profession of the mouth, it must be rooted in the mind.
Let me come out this way; a TV set is controlled by a small device called remote control, there is connectivity through a sensor, and as you press the button something happens based on the button you press. There is something in the TV set that makes change of channels possible, something has already be programmed in the TV that must respond to the remote control.

Just as a TV set and a remote control functions, God has given everyone a mind to operate his or her life.

The life of every man functions in the partern his mind his set. Why did God send angel Gabriel to Mary? It was to prepare her mind, she must get her mind set for what is about to happen to her and through her. You will notice that Mary received the word with joy, she quickly set her mind in preparation for what God is about to do, look at verse 38:

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And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

It is therefore important that if anything will be possible in your life, you’ve to set your mind in the direction of what is about to happen, this will amount to faith that will deliver the miraculous, this will be the focus in part 2.
The image on your mind is what reflect in your life, your life is packaged based on what is on your mind.

The mind functions like a projector; whatever you put in it is what will show on the screen of your life.

If I am to do a project of a $1m, I must set my mind in the direction of the project, can I shock you? Your going to school is to inform (set) your mind, if your mind is unset, your life will also be unset. The beginning of every miracle is your mind, the direction in which your life goes is determined by your mind set. An improved mind results to an improved life. Please just follow through this series, you will definitely be blessed all through. God bless you.
* Help me Lord to always set my mind aright.
Jeremiah 18, Hebrews 5.
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