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30th July
Topic:: TILL HE COMES…..
Text: Luke 19:13KJV

13 And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.

Our Lord and Saviour went on a journey to prepare us a kingdom and he commanded us to stand for him till he comes.
From our scriptural text above, talents were given to ten servants to get busy, get occupied and to stand in till their master returns likewise every child of God who have been redeemed and purchased by the blood, who wait earnestly for the coming of the Lord must occupy till he comes.
But the truth is that many are waiting in idleness, they have gifts and talents deposited in them but they are doing nothing with it, they give excuses for their refusal to get occupied till he comes. Even when in the church they hear the calls to work for God they would say they do not have time as their secular jobs or businesses take the most of their time. Some will says they don’t want embarrassment from any pastor or member and so would just mind their own business; that is, go to church services at will, pay their offerings and tithes and go back home, and nothing more, no further commitment or responsibility as far as the church services is concerned.
Some have excuses of not having talents saying they don’t have voice to sing and so can’t be a chorister, they are not eloquent, not an orator or not well learned and so can’t be a preacher, a teacher or do the work of evangelism, some will say they have phobia and so can’t face crowd. Beloved, from our text above there were ten servants and there were ten talents, meaning each servant got a talent to work with, to serve with and there was no one without something to get occupied with. It means that no one was saved and redeemed without something to serve God with, except you have not taken time to discover what God has deposited in you to serve him.
Beloved, as I round off for now, I want to make it clear that you were not saved empty, heaven has deposited much more in you than you can imagine to stand-in till he comes, great treasure are in you to be a blessing for the salvation and edification of the church till he comes except you choose to be idle. Finally, I want you to know that

those talents, gifts and treasures deposited in you are not needed when you get to heaven, but only relevant here on earth to serve and occupy till he comes

And so if you refuse to use them on earth, where will you make use of them?. Think on these things… God bless you
* Father, help me to occupy till Jesus come in Jesus Name.
Jeremiah 13, Philemon 2.
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