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Prevailing Voice Daily 19th June

Jun 19, 2019

19th June .
Topic: YOUR PLACE…Part 6.
Text:: Obadiah 1:17.

17: But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.

The focus here is POSSESSING YOUR POSSESSIONS in the land. You must first of all understand that there are benefits for you in the land. Let me come out this way; you have benefits wherever God has placed you, just as the physical land is blessed with resources so also is ‘ Your Land ‘ in the spirit realm.
In your jurisdiction there are blessings for you, they are called your possessions, by jurisdiction I mean where God permits you to operate. They don’t come by luck, they are blessings that God has prepared, it is possible to live and die without enjoying the blessings, in fact, many people passed through this world without enjoying what God has prepared for them.
Our passage is written in clear terms, mount Zion is the mountain of God, people of God, Christians, are citizens of Zion, how do I know? Hebrews 12:22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels.
Every member of Zion is a partaker of the blessings I am talking about. Let me first of all say that your blessing on this planet Earth has a link in the spirit, how? Everyone who has come to Zion (Born again) has come into the provision God has made for him or her. 2 things happen in Zion.
1, Holiness, why? Because it is the city of God and God is too holy to behold sin, if you must stay there you must live holy. Please note that the Zion I am talking about here is not the new heaven, as soon as you come into the committee of believers you become a part of Zion. Holiness is our lifestyle here, sin is forbidden.
2, DELIVERANCE: Why? Because a man that is bound can’t possess his possessions, deliverance becomes absolutely important. Deliverance from sin, and from the forces of darkness.
As you stay away from sin and break lose for every chain of the enemy you take possession, take possession of your inheritance of blessings that came through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Take possession through prayer, whatever blessing that is hidden or hanging somewhere will be delivered unto you in Jesus name.
Make declaration of your expectations in the place of prayer, fasting and prayer is a key exercise if you must possess your possessions. Receive your mega breakthrough, success, lifting, prosperity through fasting and prayer. Circumstances should not limit you, environment should not limit you, economic state of your nation can’t limit you if you stay holy and take your possessions by fasting and praying. God bless you.
* As we wait upon the Lord today, possess your possessions through prayer.
Isaiah 43, Ephesians 2
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