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Prevailing Voice Daily 15th June

Jun 15, 2019

15th June
Text : 2 Songs of Solomon 2:15.

15: Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!

In part 1, I made a few points discusing the foes of a glorious family, I want to move a little further here.
Though people are advised not to use financial status as a yardstick for marriage, but it really plays major role in marriage. It is like engine oil that makes engine to run smoothly, many homes have lost their joy to financial crisis.
It is a major foe of a glorious marriage, it brings it own happiness, money is needed to run the home on daily basis, and if it is not there crisis is inevitable.
Everyone who loves his or her family will do anything good to bring money home for the family. I know people who were doing lubricative jobs and later take up odd jobs to keep their families financially healthy in time of crisis.
I do advise those who are intending to get married to ensure each of them can take care of oneself, that is the man earns what can sustain him and have something left to save, while the lady does the same, the first baby can then be taken care of from their savings.
You don’t stick to one job as if you’re born to do that alone, before I resigned from a commercial bank, of course I resigned at a reasonable young age, I told myself, ‘ if I had never gotten a job in a bank, I will still survive ‘, and so I took the decision by the leading of the Holy Spirit, mind you if the Holy Spirit didn’t permit me there would have been crisis. There are things you can do to increase inflow, both the man and woman should know that they have responsibilty of providing for their home.
Make a little research, learn more, don’t just stick to your certificate as if you are glue to it, learn about businesses, open sources of inflow, don’t say, ‘ I can’t add anything to what I am doing ‘, I started business as a staff of a bank, the job was tasking but something was leaping on my inside to stress a little more, and at a time I was able to lay off the former for the later.
Break grounds in finance to ease pressure at home, there are always bills to pay, and they are always on the increase, your income too must be on the increase if you must meet up. If your employer does not increase your salary or allowances, you can, by creating other sources of income.
Wise spending is absolutely important to avoid financial crisis that can put pressure on the family, investment cannot be overemphasised. Every wise parent seeks to leave inheritance for his or her children. Many homes have lost their peace, joy, and hamony to financial crisis.
The financial crisis can be managed by both parties, and they must not allow anything to steal the joy of the home. God is committed to providing for our homes. As we make effort to better our lives and families God will bless our effort in Jesus name.
* Lord, bless me indeed and enlarge my coast in Jesus name.
Isaiah 42, 2 Ephesians 1.
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