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Prevailing Voice Daily 8th June

Jun 8, 2019

8th June.
Text : 2 Songs of Solomon 2:15

15: Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!

When a woman and a man come together under the umbrella of love they always have one thing in mind; building a glorious home, but not every union lasts long.
Every marriage that works requires the commitment of both parties, each party have to let go of somethings to build a glorious home. Every scattered home is a product of disagreement from both parties, it is either both parties refuse to let go of somethings or one of them refuse to let go.
Inability to make sacrifice for peace results in crisis in the home. I will like to make some points here that break home, I call them FOES OF A GLORIOUS FAMILY.
1, INSINCERITY: when both couples are not sincere to each other, or one is not sincere to the other, they won’t be able to build a glorious family.
2, INFIDELITY : when one of the parties is not faithful to the other; having extra marital affairs. This have physical and spiritual effect on the family, it has adverse effect on the home.
3, LUST: It is always the beginning of infidelity, but on it own it can ruin the future of a home. When a married man begins to lust after a lady, he can buy car for the lady while his wife and children at home are in need. It ruins the chances of having a glorious home.
4, SELFISHNESS: when it is obvious to the other party that his/her spouse is selfish, he or she tends to hide vital information. Couples must show committment to each other.
5, LACK OF TRUST: this always raise suspicion, movements will be monitored, account balances are hidden. This is a big time enemy of a glorious marriage. Trust must be built if couples must have a glorious home.
These foes can be dealt with by the couples, everyone who loves his or her family will stand against these foes, self denial is key in dealing with these foes. You must always think and act in the interest of the entire family. A man or woman having extra marital affairs is selfish, he or she is not thinking or acting in the interest of his spouse and children.
The big picture of a glorious home is far valuable than the sinful pleasure of a short period, both parties must work towards this big picture. May God bless your home.
* Help me Lord to build a glorious family in Jesus name.
Isaiah 35, 2 Corinthians 11.
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