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Prevailing Voice Daily 4th June

Jun 4, 2019

4th June
Topic: JOURNEY OF LIFE….Part 4
Text: Eccelesiastes 3:1 KJV

3 To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

We have discussed in part 1-3 that life’s journey is much more than the journey of being born, live and die but that’s it’s also a journey of purpose.
Today we want to discuss another perspective to the journey of life and that is life is a journey from the market to the home. This world they say it’s a market place, meaning there is a home for everyone when we leave this world. And so when people die, it is often said that they have gone home. There are few things we must understand about the market place (the world we journey through) in relation to the home (the world we journey to after this life).
First let’s establish that when the night comes, the market closes and everyone must go home. No matter how beautiful the market is, no matter how busy the market is in the day time, when night comes everyone returns home. No one sleeps in the market because it’s not the home. Have seen a lot of offices that are well furnished and are made so comfortable as a house, yet as comfortable as they are, the owners don’t sleep there at night, they return home, why? because the office is a market, a place of business and not a home, a place of rest.
Now if you understand this clearly, then you will agree with me that no man in his right senses gets carried away by the activities in the market that he forgets his home, but unfortunately, many are so carried away in the market of life (this world) that they forget their home (where they will be after this earth). They have forgotten that no matter how great the market is, no matter how beautiful the life in the market is, no matter how much the money they made in the market is, when the night comes (death), market closes (the world ends) and they must go home.
Dearly beloved, journey of life is not just to be born, live and die, it not just to fulfil purpose, it is in addition a journey from market to your home. So how are your fairing in the market? or have you forgotten your home? Are you so engrossed with the plaesure of life on earth that you have forgotten to prepare for your life beyond this earth? Think on these things… God bless you
* Father, by your mercy, I will not gain this world to lose my home with you in Jesus Name.
Isaiah 31, 2 Corinthians 8.
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