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30th May
Text: Psalms 3:3KJV

3 But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Sustaining the revealed glory of God is as important as receiving the glory. It would be absolute waste of time and effort, if you cannot sustain the glory of God in your life. What I mean is that God has done so much to release his glory upon your life, and so you can be sure that God will not be pleased if you lose his glory invested in your life, he will rather be pleased if you move from one level of glory to higher levels of glory.
Two things we want to discuss quickly to sustain your glory and to continue from glory to glory.
* SHUT THE DOOR OF SIN: Sin is the greatest enemy of a man with glory because it opens doors to the robbery of glory and exchangers of glory. In Judges 13-16, Samson was a great man, a man born with glory, a nazarite from his mother’s womb. So great was the glory and power of God in him that with the jaw bone of an ass he slew a thousand men of the Philistines in a day (Judges 15:15), but one thing that Samson refused to shut the door against in his life was the sin of lust. The sin of lust made him to seek a wife from the land of his enemies, and eventually revealed the secret of his glory to the said woman, Delilah, who together with Samson’s enemies cut off the glory of God upon Samson. Samson’s life became worst after he lost his glory that he prayed to God to grant him strength to die with his enemies, and so it was that Samson a man born with great glory died with his enemies. No matter who you are, no matter the level of glory you carry, sin is your greatest enemy and is no respecter of persons, just shut the door against it.
* OPEN DOOR TO CONTINUOUS FELLOWSHIP: After you have shut the door against sin, you need to open door to continuous fellowship with God. It is important to stay in close touch with the giver of glory, as it said that a river that forgets it’s source will soon dry up, so you must continue in fellowship with God, spending quality time to renew your strength, to refresh yourself in his presence. Moses was a man with a Shepherd’s rod turned by God into a miracle rod (a level of glory), but after he spent 40 days and night with God on the mountain and he came down, the Israelites could not behold his face because of the glory (an higher level of glory) of God so much that a veil was used to cover his face so that he could come closer and address the children of Israel.
Beloved, as you stay in God’s presence, more of his glory shall be revealed in you and so you will go from glory to glory. I decree that shall be your portion in Jesus Name. God bless you.
* Father, I will not lose my glory but will move from glory to glory in Jesus Name.
Isaiah 26, 2 Corinthians 3.
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