Prevailing Voice Daily 28th May

28th May
Text: Psalms 3:3KJV

3 But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

Our God is full of glory, he is glorious in holiness Exodus 15:11, glorious in power, glorious in majesty, glorious in praises, glorious in wonders e.t.c There is no end to the measure of his glory. The glory of God is awesome that the Bible says that King Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like the lillies of the field which are clothe or arrayed by God. If the lillies of the field which can wither easily can reflect God’s glory so beautifully that we use them for beautification how much more when God’s glory is revealed in you.

A man can reflect God’s glory, I mean a man can reflect a measure of glory that radiates from God. However, you cannot reflect his glory without staying and spending time with God. You must stay within the radiation of God’s glory before you can reflect the same. If you put one end of a stainless spoon in a buring fire and you hold the spoon at the other end, in no time the whole spoon will be on heat and you will feel it at the other end, the spoon will continue to reflect the heat obtained from the burning fire so long it is kept in close contact with the burning. So God’s glory cannot be revealed or reflected by you, if you cannot spend time in his presence.

By the grace of God, in prevailing family programs, we create an atmosphere of his presence and as we tarry there his glory is reflected in us. We want to invite you to another moment of encounter with God starting today, tagged “24hours with God” with the theme “Glory Revealed“.
If there is anything we gurantee you, that will be the presence of God. God bless you

* Father, let my life reflect your glory and let your glory be seen upon my life in Jesus Name.

I use this medium to invite you to 24 HOURS WITH GOD, it is designed for you to have an encounter with God, strength will be made available for you to mount with wings as an eagle. Date 28-29th May, 6pm.
7, Brethren close Ejigbo Iyana Ejigo Lagos. There will be worship, word and wonders, it is going be a great time in God’s presence. God bless you.

Isaiah 24, 2 Corinthians 2.
For prayer and counselling call this lines

28th-29th May, 2019.

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