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13th May,
Text : Romans 12:11.

11: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

Mind is defined as an important intellectual, it is also defined as knowledge and intellectual ability. In this context, I want to discuss Business Mind as intellect for business, business knowledge or intellect for business.
Making money is a function of good understanding of business, knowledge and intellect of business must be in place before good income can be made, everyone doing well in his or her business must have got good understanding of the business.
It is this intellect that brings money and help you make good income, acquiring knowledge about business should be the passion of anyone who will do well in business. Academic knowledge is not the same as business knowledge that accounts for the reason a good number of people with good qualifications can’t convert what they have learnt in school to making money.
The business mind is what is driving every businessman who is doing well, it is the mind of making money, it is not thought in any school, you gat to learn from those who are doing well in business, you can go a little further by having a business mentor, I have a number of them.
You simply need to inquire from anyone around doing well in business, seek knowledge from such, follow him out, spend time with him, your going out with him might not bring income at first because you’re learning as an apprentice. Don’t be conscious of what he gives you, but the knowledge you acquired from him. That’s the mistake many people make, you hear statement like, ‘ he made so much money but gave me little or nothing ‘, such people end up not getting what they ought to get from the mentor.
Your knowledge about business will make you climb high in business, good knowledge of business will make you beat competitors.
Some people are not humble enough to learn from the man doing well, they probably feel, ‘ he does not have the qualifications I have ‘. You must be able to differentiate from academic knowledge and business knowledge, they are 2 different things.
You either pile up your qualifications to build a career or you take time to learn business while you are building your career at the same time. God bless you
* Give me wisdom to make money, Lord.
Isaiah 14, 1 Corinthians 8.
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