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5th May
Text: Psalms 22:3KJV

3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel

In part 1, we discussed that God loves so much to be praise and that praise is paramount to God such that everything that has breathe praise God.
Today, we want to consider the kind of praise that God accepts. Though praise is very important to God, yet he does not accept any kind of praise, that God loves to be praised and wouldn’t mind to raise stones and babes to praise him does not mean that all kinds of praises offered to him is acceptable before him. Even a mortal man who needs food to survive does have a choice on the kind of food to eat, I mean no man in his right senses simply because food is important to him will see a poisonous food and still eat it. So just as every man has a choice on the kind of food to eat, God also does have a choice on the kinds of praise pleasing to him.
The big question is What kind of praise does God takes pleasure in? The answer is in our text above, and that is the PRAISES OF ISRAEL. Let’s take a look at the scriptural text again “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel” So, God always take pleasure, dwell, honour, and accept the praises of Israel, Why? Because they are his people. What that implies is that God accepts and takes pleasure in the praises that comes from his people, from his children and not from strangers or his enemies. It means anyone, any people that have no identity with God cannot offer to him an acceptable sacrifice of praise, anyone who is against God, anyone who lives in sin is not of God and even though they praise him, their praise cannot ascend to God in heaven and so God cannot come down for their sake but if the people of God, who have been redeemed, santified, offer unto God their praises, God will honour and inhabit their offering of praises.
Dearly beloved, before your praise can make sense to God, you must be one of his and as you go to service today ensure you are a child of God and you praise him in the midst of his people, then you can be sure of his presence. God bless you
* Father, let my praise be unto you as a sweet smelling savour and not an abomination in Jesus Name.
Isaiah 10, 1 Corinthians 11.
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