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30th April
Text: Proverbs 24:10KJV

10 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

Strength is defined as the quality or state of being strong physically, it is also defined as the capacity of a substance to withstand great pressure of force. Going by these definitions everything in life whether living or not living requires strength to be relevant. For example, if you have a plastic chair in your office and you suddenly discover it is no longer strong physically or that it cannot withstand the pressure (weight) of clients sitting on it, you need not be told that the chair is becoming irrelevant for your use. Likewise every man requires strength to stay relevant in life both physically and spiritually.
If a man or woman has no strength to do what he/she is suppose to do as a father or mother, an employee or employer, as a leader or follower e.t.c it simply means he or she is becoming useless, less relevant in the society and no longer needed to function in his or her supposed capacity. Life they say is a phylosphy of the survival of the fittest, meaning everyone struggles to survive, struggles to get what they want out of life and not what life can literally offer them.
Now going scriptural according to our text above, strength is needed to stand in the days of adversity, strength is relevant to stay victorious in life, strength is important to fulfil your God given purpose and so if you faint, fail, fall or give up in the days of troubles then your strength is small. I pray that your strength will not be small in Jesus Name. Another scripture that sound like the first is Matthew 11:12 saying “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force
Having understood the importance of strength to life both physically and spiritually, what then are the secrets of strength? This we shall discuss in part 2. God bless you
* Father, give me strength to stay relevant in life and to fulfil purpose in Jesus Name.
Isaiah 5, Roman 14.
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