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Prevailing Voice Daily 29h April

Apr 29, 2019

29th April
Text: Judges 4:4,5.

4: And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.
5: She would sit under the Palm of Deborah, between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the Israelites would go to her for judgment.

Our text has just 2 verses and the 2 verses say a lot about a woman called Deborah, let’s analyse the bible passage: Verse 1 described Deborah as (1), A prophetess (2), A wife of one man (3), A judge.
Deborah functioned well in 3 areas of life:
* As a wife: she played her role at home, she wouldn’t allow her ministry and her secular assignment affect her responsibilities at home, she was still submissive to her husband, Lapidoth. Mr. Lapidoth didn’t suffer because his wife was a prophetess and a judge. The 2 offices demand time because she will need to attend to a lot of people, but yet she didn’t fail in attending to Mr. Lapidoth.
She definitely made impact in her home, how did I know? Whenever you see a statement or sentence in the bible emphasizing a point know that it is of uttermost Importance, so, reference made to her as the wife of Lapidoth was not meant to introduce her husband, but to let us know her impact in the home.
* As a prophetess: She wasn’t a novice in spiritual matters, she wasn’t a woman who can only function in bed, in kitchen and just building her career, she had an intimate relationship with God, she wouldn’t play with her fellowship with God, prayer time was no joke to her, heaven could recognize her voice and she could also recognize God’s voice. As a prophetess she did declare God’s mind to the people, she could tell Israel her sins, she did foretell events and occurrences. She was a link between God and the people, she was making impact in her generation through the gift of prophesy. She was indeed a blessing.
* As a Judge: the fact that she was a prophetess does not give her automatic seat of a judge, she had the quality of a judge, her sense of judgement was exceptional, she was preferred to the men of her days. Deborah wouldn’t allow injustice in her days, she was stronger than most men of her days, the fact that she led Barak and his men to war proved this. She judged Israel, she handled issues, she solved serious problems, great was her impact in her generation.
You can be sure that getting money wouldn’t be a problem to her, as she was solving problems people were opening their purses and pockets to her. Everyone who makes impact doesn’t aim at making money first, but impact first and certainly money flows into their hands.
Impact makers don’t seek popularity, but popularity follows, the quest of impact makers is not popularity, but effecting positive change in the lives of people around them, while the people in turn bless them with money, it is best to seek how to make impact in your career, home and environment and certainly money follows into your hands. God bless you.
* I receive grace to make great impact in my generation.
Isaiah 4, Roman 13.
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