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15th April
Text : Proverbs 19:21.

21: There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

I have talked about setting plans, and last week I shared setting priorities, it is important you understand that except God approves the plans, and priorities setting all will amount to failure. When a man fails to carry God along in his plans and strategies he is bound to fail. It is like when a boy, say under the age of 6, is setting some plans without his parents’ guidance, of course, there is a little to what he can do.
Our passage here clears it all; many devices in a man’s heart, several things on your mind to do, several business plans, several goals set to be achieved, several projects planned to be executed, several things to buy, many dreams awaiting fulfilment, but it is the counsel of God that shall stand.
Does it mean I don’t have to set plans or set priority right? No, you only have to involve God in setting your plans and strategies. Some people do the planning themselves and pray to God for approval, that’s not the best, involve God’s Spirit in your planning, involve him in your setting your priorities right. This is because what looks good and relevant today might not in the nearest future.
Some many people have wasted money in what use to be relevant but are no longer relevant. The counsel of God, What does it mean? I checked 3 other versions of the Bible and the word counsel was replaced with PURPOSE, that means the purpose of God, it means God has a purpose for your life, and if your plans is according to his purpose for my life it will prosper. For instance it was obvious from childhood that God’s hand is upon my life, I know it myself and many people told me then, even unbelievers, that makes me understand the purpose of God for my life, as long as I work in line with that purpose, I will prosper.
If your career is in line with God’s purpose for your life you will definitely prosper. This also means that as long as you work in line with this counsel or purpose of God for your life you will get God’s support. For every God’s given purpose, power is made available for fulfilment, this means that as you work in line with the purpose the power will be seen manifesting in your life .
Many people have had failed plans, failed strategies, failed priorities setting because they are working in areas they are not empowered.
How do I involve God? Just wait upon him before you embark on projects, especially major ones, it is not that we wait on God when we are in need, we pray for provision, but when the money comes, we just spend as we want, not minding the counsel of God or the purpose of God for our lives.
It is the best and easy way to go; waiting upon the Lord before embarking on a project. Always remember our text ‘….the counsel of Lord, that shall stand ‘. God bless you.
* Lord, help me to understand and follow your counsel for my life in Jesus name.
Ecclesiastes 12. Acts 27.
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