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Prevailing Voice Daily 12th April

12th April
Topic: DIVINE GIFTING …part 3.
Text: Proverbs 18:16.

16: A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

I did say in part 1, that the gift of a man is given him as capital to run his life, just as a man gets capital to run his business. God gave every man even unbelievers, this is the reason you see some stars prosper in what they do even when it doesn’t glorify God.
You see someone singing immoral songs and dancing nakedly, making money, getting fame, going places. It is because God gave him or her a gift but he or she decides not to use it to glorify God.
I want to make an important point here: a man’s gift might sound so loud, why yours is unnoticed yet, don’t feel down, when your gift appears small or irrelevant while others are making name, fame and money, you shouldn’t allow theirs to silence yours. When you do, it is like allowing bigger companies to swallow yours, it is like closing down your business because of competitors or big players.
Every big thing starts small, growth happens with time, at first it will look like you’re doing nothing, it will look like who will patronise me? It will look like you’re just wasting your time. Some people will tell you: why not try something else or join or merge with someone, you can’t make headway here. At another time financial crisis will show up to discourage you. You just need to be committed to what you do.
You might have great gifting and yet it appears it won’t be great, just
push a little further, you might appear local and no one is buying into your dreams and ambitions, just push a little further, you just need to press on, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up.
Let’s close here with the story of Alli Abed, a farmer who felt he wasn’t doing well in farming and went in search of a precious stone called diamond, diamond was a pot of wealth in his days. Alli sold his farmland to go search for diamond. After sometime, the new landlord discovered plenty of diamond on the same land Ali sold, the new landlord sold them and became rich, when Alli heard the news he went to commit suicide. He never knew there are plenty of precious stones on his farmland.
There are plenty of precious things in your life, and while you’re praying: God bless me, God bless you: God is telling you: I have blessed you, just look inward, but rather many people are looking outward, looking at people who have discovered their gifting and manifesting them, and considering them better than themselves.
When you see yourself inferior to others you can’t make an headway, you can’t manifest your gift, and that is the thing that can bring you in the class of great men according to our passage. In part 4, I will be sharing how to take your gift to the market place. God bless you.
* Help me Lord to give what it takes to manifest my gift in Jesus name.
Ecclessiates 10, Acts 25.
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